All the World’s a Stage, Part 2 – Selling a Home Tips


You really love green. I mean you LOVE the color green. Your bedroom is painted green, your kitchen is green, your living room furniture is green, your bathrooms are all shades of green: chartreuse, sage, emerald, kelly, mint, pine, spring, teal, olive, Celadon, neon, sea, light, dark… When Johnny Cash wrote the song “Forty Shades of Green”, he was actually thinking about your house.


Unfortunately, not everyone shares your affinity for green and if you’re getting your home ready to sell, it may be something you need to address.


Staging a home when you’re still living in it, as I mentioned in my last post, means making your home a little less personal. When it comes to personal taste, you sometimes need to neutralize the colors, lighten up a darker room, let the buyer be able to imagine bringing in their furniture, seeing their passion for the color red be able to play out in the home.

If you’re living in the house, you don’t want to make it so bland that the buyer wonders what kind of neat freaks live here and don’t they have any personality? You do want to tone it down, by packing up your 1,342 piece collection of Star Wars memorabilia, removing personal photos and keeping horizontal surfaces clean and clear of clutter (aka personal stuff).



Painting to stage a home

A good paint job is an investment, but a few thousand dollars spent to neutralize that aubergine room into a soft taupe could be what sells the house, and could be what keeps the price up. A buyer who is worried about the cost of having to paint everything might be putting in a lower offer, if they offer at all. Many times I’ve been with buyers who just can’t get past the color on the wall or, more, the color of the carpet. Some understand “it’s only paint” and others don’t and move on to other homes for sale.

Work with your agent and a staging consultant to see where you really need to paint and where adding in a few accent pieces will be enough to break up the color saturation.


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