Are you 50+ years old? Know someone who is?


Last year about half of my transactions were for clients who were more than 50 years old. Not all of them were looking to downsize. In fact, one couple more than doubled the size of their home when they upsized. Most, however, were facing life changes that meant leaving the family home, moving into a smaller environment.

Helping someone downsize from a family home to senior living, assisted living, or moving in with relatives takes a special kind of patience. There are many emotions at play with those moving – they may not want to move, it might not be their choice, they might acknowledge they need to move but do so reluctantly. Those who love and care for them are also facing challenges, maybe wondering if they’re doing the right thing. Selling a home at any age is intrinsic with stress. Selling a home where one has lived out a lifetime of memories can add a deeper layer of turmoil.

As I experienced some of these issues with my clients who were leaving behind family homes, I sought out resources to make the transition easier for them. I completed the National Association of Realtors’ course to earn the Seniors Real Estate Specialist designation, “SRES”. Recognized across the country, the designation means I’ve completed coursework specific to that demographic, and now have access to networks of elder care attorneys, trusts, senior care referrals, companies who specialize in decluttering and downsizing, tools to help me help seniors when they either want to age in place, or when they no longer want to be homeowners.


With the awareness of the emotional and financial challenges that this population faces, as well as the extended resources, I know I am well equipped to help my older clients explore housing options that will best serve them now and into the future. I have experience with sales involving trusts, probate, and reverse mortgages, as well as standard sales.

There are many conveniences now with electronic signatures, emails, and texts. I helped a client who lives in Texas sell her condo in Long Beach, and never met her until 2 months after the sale. She falls into the “senior category”, but was very comfortable and fluent with technology. More common, though, is the senior client who does not use technology for these types of transactions. Everything is printed and signed in ink. In person appointments with plenty of time are scheduled so that I may review the forms in depth with them, answer all questions, and be sure they understand what they are signing.

Here are a few resources available for those who need the services or those caring for someone who may need them:

If you would like more information or guidance, please call me or send me an email. It’s an honor to assist my fellow Baby Boomers and the generations before them.