Kitchens are always a favorite topic in this space. Who doesn't love an awesome kitchen?

One of the most popular items my clients ask for in a kitchen is an island. I don't know if it's because the word "island" conjures up tropics, vacation, and warm spaces, but it's a deal maker in some cases. The trend of open kitchens begs for islands to define the space, to give creative storage options. If you're thinking of remodeling, consider the kitchen island in your plans. Here is a link to a slide show of some great kitchen islands from one of my favorite sites, Houzz.

Trends for 2017? Again, Houzz to the rescue with what they think the trends are now, and where they are going in kitchens. From low maintenance, to jewel tones, and flat paneled cabinets, the look is updated. Think back to the 80's and all the oak cabinets, the 90's and early 2000's when it was all about the dark cabinets, the dark granite counters. Stainless Steel is still the most popular for appliances, with white and those with veneers to match the cabinets a close second. Keeping the kitchen functional, easy to maintain, and integrated into the rest of house are important.

Do any of these inspire you for a remodel project or to get your home ready for resale?