Long Beach for me

Welcome to my blog about Long Beach and the surrounding area. I am passionate about this area and look forward to sharing stories and observations with you.

My credentials to write about Long Beach?

I was born in Long Beach, in St. Mary’s Hospital at 10th and Atlantic. My paternal grandmother worked at St. Mary’s at the time. In fact, my parents met there while my mother was volunteering at the hospital and my grandmother wanted her to meet her son. My parents were married in St. Anthony Parish on Olive Avenue. My mother graduated from Wilson High School here in Long Beach, as did my nephew, 60 years later.

My father worked at Douglas Aircraft on Lakewood before joining the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. My mother worked for McDonnell Douglas Automation for a while in the 1970’s.

Both of my brothers were born at Community Hospital, just above the traffic circle. My maternal grandmother was a nurse there. I’ll have a story about my two grandmothers, both nurses, who worked in two different Long Beach hospitals. One of my brothers graduated from Long Beach State aka CSULB.

Although I moved from Long Beach when I was just 5 months old, to a brand new house waaaaaay far away in Westminster, I lived here again from 1996-1998. At that time I rented a house in the South of Conant neighborhood. In 2005 my husband and I purchased our home in the La Marina Estates neighborhood, where we still live. I’ll tell you about the neighborhoods of Long Beach later, too.

I am a REALTOR(r) focusing on the East Long Beach/West Orange County area and I know Long Beach. I’ll be sharing bits of history, local school stories, anecdotes and just some rambling thoughts on life here.

I look forward to hearing back from you.