Nothing says summer like a pool


Probably of no surprise that California, Florida, Arizona and Texas have 60% of the more than 8.5 million pools in the United States. A Google search on just how many pools are in California, Los Angeles County or Long Beach got me… nowhere reliable. Closest I could get was an article on that said there were 43,123 pools in the LA Basin, with Beverly Hills having 2,481 and Long Beach with 2,859. I counted close to 60 in our little neighborhood alone, using Google maps one day.


The exact number doesn’t matter – there are a lot! You likely either have one or live within a soccer ball’s kick of one. Interesting factoid in the article is that the typical LA area pool has an oval shape and measures around 16 feet by 33 feet. Public pools tend to have square edges.

Having a pool means making a commitment. Making a commitment to the maintenance and safety of it. Some of that can be handled by employing a pool service for weekly checks, cleanings and regular maintenance. That cost varies with the neighborhood and services. You can expect to spend an average of $80 a month.

You can also be your own pool boy, cabana service optional, by educating yourself on pool maintenance and doing your own chemicals and cleaning. There are some excellent local pool suppliers, like East Long Beach Pool & Spa Supplies on Woodruff or ABC Pools & Supplies in Los Alamitos. These guys know what they’re doing, can analyze your water and can get you on track.

Safety issues span from having a required fence around the pool, to a lock on the gate, a drain that won’t trap hair or loose suits, to making sure that children in the pool are watched at all times. Also recommended is a pool safety kit: a first aid kit, a flotation device, a pair of scissors to cut caught hair, clothing or a pool cover, a charged phone by the pool to call 911. If you have a pool, everyone in the home should know how to swim. The Internet is full of great tips and resources to help you and your family enjoy your pool. One of the best sites I found was

Aside from going IN the pool, there is also a lot to be said for being AROUND the pool. Dining al fresco with a refreshing drink in your hand, looking at the cool water is a treat. Turning on the pool light at night lights up the backyard with a tropical glow.

Owning a home with a pool is a commitment in itself. You have to do the maintenance (or hire that pool boy), keep it safe, and maybe have your backyard become the neighborhood kids’ favorite place to play. It’s not for everyone, but it’s for at least 2,859 people in Long Beach.

Would you like to own a home with a pool? Let me help and maybe you’ll be swimming in your own pool for that Labor Day barbecue.