Tiny and Mighty, With Million Dollar Views – Signal Hill



Signal Hill oil fields in 1923 (photo from aerography)

The small city of Signal Hill, just 2.19 square miles and with a population of 11,332 citizens, is surrounded by the City of Long Beach. While it does share school districts and some services with the City of Long Beach, Signal Hills has its own Police Department, its own stellar Parks & Recreation Commission and a Community Foundation that sponsored the Unity Monument and Bricks on the Hill. For a tiny town, it has mighty financial backing with a strong tax base from the many retail outlets, including Costco, Long Beach BMW and a couple other warehouse stores.

10 Fun Facts about Signal Hill

  1. It once had 3 different zip codes, all shared with Long Beach. Signal Hill got its own zip code, 90755, in 2002.

  2. It was incorporated in 1924.

  3. Signal Hill is 365 feet high.

  4. Balboa Studios used 11 acres in Signal Hill for outdoor locations while shooting films 1913-1923.

  5. Oil was discovered on June 23, 1921, when Shell Oil Company’s Alamitos #1 well erupted.

  6. At one time more than 100 oil wells covered the hill.

  7. Signal Hill’s first mayor, Jessie Nelson, was California first female mayor.

  8. The city’s largest employer is Office Depot with 551 employees.

  9. There are 2 Home Depot stores in Signal Hill, none in Long Beach.

  10. There are 10 parks in Signal Hill, ranging from Signal Hill Park at 10 acres to “pocket parks” of less than half an acre.

Signal Hill Real Estate

Similar to Long Beach real estate, the real estate in Signal Hill has a wide range of prices. The variety of homes run from low income housing in some of the flatter areas to homes in gated communities, with 200 degree views, for over $1 million. These gated communities offer community pools and amenities, with homes built in the 21st century. Here’s a view from the north side of the hill, during the day


Overlooking the Long Beach airport from Signal Hill

And the same view at night


Long Beach at night, from Signal Hill, looking north

Living in Signal Hill isn’t living in Long Beach, as residents from either city will assure you. Do you like airplanes? Maybe you’d like living on the north side of Signal Hill: a north facing view is an airplane spotter’s delight. Not only is there commercial traffic at the Long Beach Airport, but the adjacent Boeing facility means cool aircraft like C-17 transport planes, the Super Guppy and F/A 18 Hornets visit, too.

Fitness in Signal Hill
With many walking trails and some 25% grade climbs, the city is a great place for fitness. Long Beach Boot Camp meets here. The local chapter of the Sierra Club hikes here. All strenuous walks are rewarded with those spectacular views.

More Information and Something Free
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