From one professional to another

I recently had the privilege to work with Katie on a real estate transaction in the city of Lakewood. She is nothing short of phenomenal. Keep in mind, I’m a real estate broker myself and writing this review as a colleague and not a client. I’ve been in many transactions in my 10 years of real estate and she’s been one of the best agents I’ve worked with. No BS. She was extremely accommodating, she was professional and was very easily accessible. Anyone looking to work with her will be very will served.

I’m writing this review because not only is it important for the consumer to work with a highly skilled agent, it is also important for the consumer (you) to work with someone with an attitude and personality like Katie’s. Katie is very likable. Any prospective client looking to hire her, this quality alone increases your chances of success in a negotiation. Agents love working with agents they like!

Katie, it was fun working with you and I’m really looking forward to the next one!

— Ernie A.