Senior Real Estate Specialists

As I’ve worked with buyers and sellers, I’ve seen the growing need to help those clients 50+ years – and those with family members 50+ years – with unique real estate needs. 50% of my clients in 2015 were over the age of 50. I’ve helped buyers purchase homes in senior communities, and I’ve helped clients sell the family home as a parent went into care, moved in with relatives or passed away. Probates and Trusts require different forms than sales of homes where title is held by an individual or couple, different disclosures.

The needs of those wishing to age in place or downsize can be complex. Is there a Reverse Mortgage involved? Is there a problem with the title? Many experiences with clients who had age-related real estate issues led to my studying for and earning the National Association of Realtors’ designation of Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES).

Here’s information from the National Association of Realtors on what it means to be an SRES and why it should matter to you:

Seniors Real Estate

Do you know someone over 50 years of age who needs:

  • To Downsize

  • Have referrals to elder care or trust attorneys

  • Cleaning or care services

  • Move to assisted living or care

  • Make sure their home is safe to age in place

  • Get out from a reverse mortgage

  • Put a reverse mortgage in place for an income stream

  • Have access and referrals to services that can assist them, like care, meals, moving, decluttering, service professionals (contractors, plumbers, electricians, etc.)

I can help. Please call, email or text for more information.